Dave Lucas


Dave is an industry veteran with 20+ years of experience and a track record of 400+ closings valued at $2B+. He has consistently earned industry recognition and awards for his level of deal activity from CoStar, Crexi and Loopnet. Dave has reached this level of industry success thanks to three key qualities.

First, he has an uncanny ability to gain a  holistic and molecular understanding of real estate. Through dogged determination Dave will uncover both the nuances of the status quo, and what has transpired historically. This gives him an unrivaled ability to articulate the marketable aspects of a deal, and deliver the highest possible value.

Second, Dave works honorably with others in the industry. Both principals and brokers are welcome to the bargaining table and ensured fair treatment, which maximizes offer activity and sales price. Dave also collaborates with leasing brokers, tenants, lenders, and all other third parties, which magnifies the intel and opportunities he can deliver on each assignment. His approach removes the deal friction found in traditional brokerage, and creates much more profitable outcomes for clients.

Finally, and most importantly, Dave eschews his own self-interest, putting the long-term benefit of clients above all else. He is generous with intel and creative strategies that will minimize risk or build value, even if these strategies don’t include an imminent listing. This generosity has earned him accolades, and long-term loyal client relationships.