Lauren Cazenave

Director of Brokerage Operations

With 15 years of CRE transaction experience, Lauren’s role at Monarch is to guide each transaction as smoothly as possible to close of escrow. For clients, Lauren’s presence in the deal creates confidence and peace of mind: every deadline and detail are in the hands of a pro.

Lauren’s knack for anticipating and resolving transaction hurdles is based on her background. She began her career at a commercial real estate investment firm, where she was actively involved in acquisitions/dispositions, development, underwriting, property management and leasing.

This experience gave Lauren the ability to see not just the transaction, but real estate, from all sides. She understands what’s at stake for each party and can craft resolutions that keep deals moving forward. She's built an impressive database of third party contacts nationwide, so whether it's a missing environmental report or a title issue, Lauren knows who to call to resolve it quickly.

Beyond the results she delivers, clients know Lauren to be warm and kind. Because of her proactive communication style, there’s never any question on the status quo of a transaction. Lauren brings her generosity to others in the industry through her willingness to share knowledge and mentor others. She is proud to work for a company whose values allow her to have a thriving career (and work/life balance) as a working mom.